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Happy Birthday Sourav Ganguly: 5 Major Controversies Connected to ‘Dada’

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First and foremost, a very happy birthday to Sourav Ganguly, who turns 51 today. Known as ‘Dada’ among teammates and fans, Ganguly made numerous runs for India and won several big tournaments and series as the captain. However, he also encountered several controversies throughout his playing career. Even today, he finds himself entangled in one controversy or another.

Although ‘Dada’ played cricket with passion and scored many runs, bringing numerous trophies to India, he also had a fiery personality that couldn’t be ignored. You might have heard the story of how he made Steve Waugh wait for the toss in a Test match. Waugh still believes that Ganguly did it intentionally to gain a psychological advantage over the Australian team. Ganguly was someone who didn’t care about any controversies. Let’s look at a few more incidence.

Sourav Ganguly vs. Warne:

Sourav ganguly

In the IPL, Sourav Ganguly and Shane Warne had a face-off regarding the clarity of a catch. Ganguly wanted the third umpire to review the catch, while Rajasthan Royals’ captain Warne got angry. Before the umpires and teammates intervened, there was a heated argument between Ganguly and warne.

Ganguly’s Shirt-Waving Celebration at Lord’s:

When India achieved a memorable victory in the final of the NatWest Trophy 2002 at Lord’s, captain Ganguly did not hesitate to break traditions. Before waving his shirt with enthusiasm on the historic balcony of the esteemed cricket ground, which didn’t sit well with the members of the MCC, but Ganguly didn’t care.

Targeting Dravid after Retirement:

After his fallout with Greg Chappell and eventually losing his place in the team, Ganguly made a shocking comment about Rahul Dravid after several years of retirement. He claimed that Dravid did nothing to support him during the infamous Greg Chappell saga. Dravid responded by saying that Ganguly never reached out to him to find a solution.

Ganguly vs. Chappell:

In 2005, Greg Chappell arrived to change Indian cricket, but he only harmed the game. As most players turned against Chappell, the atmosphere in the locker room became hostile. This feud started between him and then-captain Ganguly.

Making Steve Waugh wait for the toss:

The 2001 India-Australia series has been one of the most intriguing competitions in recent days. A resurgent Indian side took on the might of the Australian team and emerged victorious in a dramatic showdown. Leading the revival of India was the young captain Ganguly, who had the ability to unsettle his opponents, contrary to some of his predecessors. During that series, he reportedly delayed reporting for the toss in every game, which annoyed the usually composed Steve Waugh. “The truth is, he always came late for every match, it was his preference.It just seemed to me to be disrespectful of the game. But I wasn’t really affected . The match referee had actually told him that he had to be on time,” said PTI during his India tour in 2013, referring to Waugh. Ganguly refuted the idea that he was always late.. Nevertheless, this story became part of cricket folklore due to India’s splendid series victory.”

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