‘Gadar 2’ Creates History at the Box Office: Record-Breaking Earnings on Independence Day 2023

gadar 2

Gadar 2‘, a gripping film that weaves a tale of love amidst the backdrop of old enmity between India and Pakistan, has made history at the box office in the world of Indian cinema. It has smashed records on its fifth day and achieved remarkable earnings on Independence Day.

gadar 2

Starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, ‘Gadar 2’ has emerged as the highest-grossing film in the history of Indian cinema on the occasion of Independence Day. With impressive profits every day, its outstanding achievement keeps going strong.

The film has garnered a staggering amount, earning approximately ₹55.4 crores on its fifth day, setting a new benchmark at the box office.

The sequel to the iconic film ‘Gadar,’ which was made 22 years ago, ‘Gadar 2’ has proven to be a box office miracle, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Let’s explore the earnings of ‘Gadar 2’it achieved on August 15th.

Impressive Earnings of ‘Gadar 2’ during the Five-Day Holiday Period

  • Taking full advantage of the Independence Day holiday, ‘Gadar 2’ has created a sensation at the box office. Its earnings on consecutive days have been awe-inspiring.

The movie opened on Friday with an impressive 40.1 crore, followed by 43.08 crore on Saturday, and 51.7 crore on Sunday.

Surprisingly, the film also triumphed on Monday with ₹38.70 crore in earnings.

Over these five days, ‘Gadar 2’ has accumulated a remarkable ₹228.98 crore, showcasing its immense popularity.

Exceptional Occupancy and Global Earnings of ‘Gadar 2’

On August 15th, the occupancy remained at a noteworthy 87.53%, with the evening show recording the highest occupancy at 97.15%.

During the morning and afternoon shows, the occupancy rates were 69.41% and 96.04%, respectively.

Impressive Worldwide Earnings

Directed by Anil Sharma, ‘Gadar 2’ achieved a net collection of ₹163.58 crores in India within just four days, with a gross collection of ₹205.00 crores.

By Tuesday, within five days, the ‘Gadar 2’ had garnered a remarkable worldwide collection of ₹298.20 crores, including ₹28 crores from overseas. The gross collection in these five days stood at ₹270.20 crores.

A Potential 75 Crore Earnings by ‘Gadar 2’

According to Box Office India’s report, due to its historic spectacle on Independence Day, tickets were sold out for the afternoon shows. Comparisons suggest that ‘Gadar 2’ could have potentially outperformed both ‘Gadar 2’ and ‘OMG 2’ if it were the only single release film during this period.

Given the patriotic sentiment associated with the film on Independence Day, there was a tremendous craze among the audience. This frenzy was clearly visible outside cinemas on Tuesday, with the highest crowd turnout.

‘Gadar 2’ Possible Biggest Blockbuster

The film’s extraordinary success “opens the door to it becoming a massive hit in the world of Hindi cinema,” Even the most successful film in Indian cinema history could not match Gadar 2’s potential box office success.


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